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Being a Miami based Law Firm, we have accumulated a highly talented and experienced team of Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL specialized in personal injury laws, such as motorcycle accidents, car accidents and slips & falls, to police negligence and medical malpractice, to name some. Every Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL of our firm goes an extra mile always to guarantee a successful settlement of your personal injury claim. Entrusting your case to us frees you as well as your family from stresses of needing to deal with all the complexities of legal system which lets you to emphasize all of your energy and time on your own recovery from your injuries. We at Personal Injury Attorney Miami also take all the worries out of legal fee with contingency structure which depends fully upon a successful end of your claim or case.

How Can Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

If you’re facing costly medical treatment, income loss, or any other disruptions caused by any injury, Miami Personal Injury Attorney will fight to solve your personal injury case, whether by a judgment at the trial or else settlement to assist you get your own life on the track back. When you schedule a free, no obligation consultation with us, you’ll receive personalized and detailed advice from our well-respected Miami Personal Injury Lawyer who possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with your claim or case. Thanks to the diverse and extensive experience of the attorneys at our Miami Personal Injury Attorney law firm, you’ll get the benefits of knowledge of many claims like yours, and the laws that will relate to your case. This discussion will let us learn many imperative facts about your case, including a lot of which you might not have thought will be important. This data will enable us to develop an approach to secure apt compensation for you.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Miami Experience

Every Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL of our firm has a vast variety of experience in personal injury litigations. The laws in this area have undergone noteworthy changes over the years frequently leaving the public confused over rights to compensation. We always invite questions from prospective clients and will evaluate the chances of recovery honestly at the onset. There are no charges for any initial interview so that you aren’t out of pocket when you choose to not retain our lawyers services or pursue your claim. While compensation is readily available when the injuries are the result of negligence of another person, the way to it can appear daunting. We at Miami Personal Injury Attorney determine who the faulty party is quickly and measure the compensation you are entitled to. Miami Personal Injury Lawyer give answers to all your questions and make sure that you get the apt medical care, rehabilitation, help in returning to workplace, wage loss and counseling benefits.

Helping accident victims and their families.

If you have been injured as the result of another's conduct, you have the right to recover compensation for the damages suffered. We will help you to get your rights.


Miami Personal Injury Attorney assist children, teenagers, elderly and adults, who have been actually hurt in following situations:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Scooter accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Accidents due to road condition
  • Accidents due to sidewalk condition
  • Slip & fall accident
  • Trip & fall accident
  • Injury caused by the horses
  • Accidents by improper icicle and snow removal from roof
  • Accidents by bad weather
  • Injury caused by mistakes that are made by dentists, doctors, chiropractors, nurses, physiotherapists, and the other medical providers
  • Accidents which take place at workplace
  • Injuries that are caused by mistake made by hospital
  • Injuries that are caused by batteries, assaults, or other criminal acts
  • Injuries that are caused by poorly made product
  • Sickness or any other disability that caused by any non-accident related problems

Our Personal Injury Attorney Miami can assist you if you’ve sustained any injuries including the following; however not limited to:

  • Brain injury
  • Head injury
  • Broken bones
  • Spine injuries
  • Emotional or psychological trauma
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Tendon or muscles tear or strain
  • Eye injury
  • Injuries affecting your hearing, taste or sight
  • Nerve injury, or
  • If a family member has actually suffered fatal injuries resulting in their death.

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